Willy has passed away, I’ll miss you buddy.

So I was moving stuff around in my room, and willy keeps following me. ._.
18th Sep 201200:5516 notes
Willy changes colors
17th Sep 201221:0223 notes
Surfin’ with Willy
4th Jul 201223:312 notes
Leap frog
Willy is taking a tubby. c:
My babies.
Derp and Willy! 
Aw hi, I haven’t taken a picture with Willy in a while. c:
19th May 201223:022 notes
I’m going to paint this picture of Willy. c:
15th May 201219:5110 notes
Willy I love you.
15th Apr 201209:353 notes

I love watching Willy crawl on my bed, exploring his surroundings. c: It’s just the cutest!

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