Welcome to the family, Fyn!
RIP Remi :(

Derpy poo going for a swim c:

So I was moving stuff around in my room, and willy keeps following me. ._.
18th Sep 201200:5516 notes
Willy changes colors
17th Sep 201221:0223 notes
13th Aug 201213:4215 notes
She’s so pretty
7th Aug 201223:5512 notes
She is SO fucking pissed at me right now
3rd Aug 201200:372 notes
I still haven’t exactly decided on a name yet. D: But look at their cuteness!
My new froggy.. Look at how little he is!!
12th Jul 201220:303 notes
Surfin’ with Willy
4th Jul 201223:312 notes
Leap frog
Opaque  by  andbamnan